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| TElEcommunications AND COMPUTER network SYSTEMS (STRI)


Telecommunications Systems and Computer Networks are growing sectors. Based on more and more elaborated and added-value E-services, it connects virtual spaces as well as connected objects from the real world. STRI engineers have on the one hand a technological mastery and on the other hand the ability to take into account the economic, social and human environment factors to ensure the management of the sector of Telecommunications and Networks integrating the Information Systems of the Extended Enterprise.


Technological pluridisciplinarity allows training students to meet real needs of federated service companies initially very compartmentalized. Companies interested in these profiles are service companies, telecom operators, integrators and major users of information systems and telecommunications.
The professional training in STRI combines:

  • a technological education based on the disciplines “Computer Science”, “Electronics” and “Optics” to:
    • better understand the functioning of Telecommunications Systems;
    • build, supervise and administer Computer Networks that represent the “backbone” of any business;
    • deploy services based on distributed architectures and integrating any type of service with the appropriate Quality of Service;
    • ensure the accessibility, reliability and security of Distributed Information Systems.
  • a teaching related to “Management” and “Communication” to better control the Culture of Enterprise, the Socio-Economic Environment and its legal aspects.

Detailed Syllabus (click on this link – in French)

Sectors and trades

Recent international studies show the growing need in the ICT industry, largely due to the importance of the Internet, its applications and uses today. The trades and functions concerned are in the fields of IT and Telecom applied to all sectors of activity (banking, health, space, operators, defense, energy, tourism, administration, …), within large groups, SMEs / SMIs and start-ups. We can thus quote:

network architect, network and telecom engineer, systems engineer and networks, consultant, network administrator, design and development engineer, pre-sales engineer, application engineer, business engineer.


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Director of the department
Abdelmalek Benzekri

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