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The aim of the civil engineering and geosciences education is to train engineers able to manage production systems in the building and public works field by integrating the technical, economic and human factors of the project, as well as societal, energy control and environmental protection factors. By considering their training in geosciences and geosciences, engineers are able to deal with the management of natural resources of soil, natural hazards, soil storage and remediation.


Training… in 3 points :

  • Opening towards companies and towards the international:
    • Communication, marketing, quality, etc.
    • Practice of English, TOEIC.
    • Internships or semesters abroad
  • Both general and specific scientific training :
    • First year: fundamentals (Base of mechanics, Soil knowledge, Discovery of the professional environment)
    • Second year: the works (Materials and techniques, Stability of the works)
    •  Third year: in-depth knowledge and business approach (Construction economics, Specific knowledge by trade groups) 
  • Professional training
    • Projects: thematic and transversal projects, involvement of industrialists, case study
    • On-field courses: 20 days on sites throughout the region, Site visits
    • Internships in companies: 2 mandatory internships – 3 months in second year, – 5 months in third year Optional in first year.

Detailed Syllabus (click on this link – in french)

Sectors and trades

Construction, Public Works Careers, Environmental planning, Land-use planning.
Some examples of trades:

Engineer of works, methods, studies of price, technical studies, control, quality, safety, environmental consultant engineer, pedologist, hydrogeologist, person in charge of site of waste treatment …


Department Secretariat
Séverine Alibert
+33 (0)5 61 55 66 10 – severine . alibert at univ-tlse3 . fr (*)
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31062 Toulouse Cedex

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Director of the department
Jean-Emmanuel Aubert